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Total Rejected Votes in this Year’s Election is Noteworthy

The rejected votes which totalled more than 700,000 at this year’s general elections which is higher than the 249,435 which the UNP and 445,000 obtained by the JJB.

Total number of rejected votes outnumbering the UNP and JVP led Jathika Jana Balawegaya in this year’s general election is a noteworthy fact.

Rejected votes outnumbered the former ruling party UNP in almost all districts at this year’s election. The number of rejected votes in Galle District was 35,751 whereas UNP obtained 18,968 votes, rejected votes in Matara was 22,578 while UNP polled only 7,651.

Number of rejected votes in Polonnaruwa District was 16,020 while UNP polled 6,525. There was a large difference between the rejected votes in Monaragala as UNP polled only 3,994 votes whilst rejected votes in the district were 20,312. The situation was same in Anuradhapura as UNP polled only 8,254 votes while rejected votes were 35,469.

Rejected votes in Kalutara was 46,415 while UNP polled 16,485. In Colombo, the rejected votes was 81,034 while UNP polled 30,875. Total number of votes in Nuwara Eliya was 42,048 while UNP polled 12,168 votes. UNP polled 6592 votes in Matale while rejected votes were 24,503.

Rejected votes in Gampaha was 75,509 while UNP polled 28,282. UNP polled 12,168 in Kegalle while rejected votes were 24,547, UNP polled 5,107 in Hambantota while the rejected votes in the district were 18,971

The rejected votes are unusually high in the recently concluded parliamentary election is a noteworthy observation.

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