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Football – The Most loved Game of Mawanella

Last updated on June 6, 2020

By Staff Correspondent MawPlus

Football has been the most loved game among the people of Mawanella. Leading Schools like Zahira, Baduriya, Mayurapada, Al Azhar and Nooraniya have produced multiple talents over the years in football. Players from Mawanella have represented the National Football selection pools on a regular basis over the years. There have been many players from Mawanella who have represented leading football Clubs across Sri Lanka, and certain Clubs in Europe and the Middle East as well.

Mawanella and its suburbs is Home for leading football Clubs. Serendib Football Club and United Football Club are ranked among the top in the Island. And home for other several leading clubs namely, Sussex S.C., Riverside S.C., Youth S.C., Sunrise Sports Club., Jamaliya Sports Club., all are competing in the A division.

Golden Star Sports Club., Plus Sports & Welfare Association., Carlton Sports Club, Everton F.C., Tajmahal S.C and Maliyadda S.C., are competing in the B division.

United F.C. is one of the oldest operating Club in Mawanella which boasts of a 50-year history and has been a Division 1 side producing national level footballers through its history.

Serendib FC is one of the emerging teams in the island having made it to the quarter finals in the Premier League Division I during the past multiple seasons. Adding to the decent run, they broke into the Finals of recently concluded Division 1 Premier League where they lost to Police S.C in an engaging game. Currently moved in to the Champions League, Serendib aims to be a consistent top-class club in Sri Lanka.

Other Clubs not been much behind either. Consistently challenging the leading Clubs and made Mawanella league in to One of the most competitive leagues in Sri Lanka. The Mawanella Football Leage was formed in 1992 and consists of 13 Clubs. There are 9 Football Academies operating under its supervision.

There are 17 champions league teams in Sri Lanka & 19 division one teams.

The Mawanella Football League consists of the following officials.

Mawanella Football League

- President
A.W.A. Gaffar
- Senior Vice President
M.S.M. Iqbal
- General Secretary
M H M Nawzil
- Treasurer
M.M.M. Shiyam
- Asst Secretary
M H A Aashik
- Asst Treasurer
A H M Rizwan
- Chairman - Finance Committee
M I M Fahmy
- Chairman - Discipline Committee
M Amanullah
- Chairman - Competition Committee
M S M Risvi
- Chairman - Referees Committe
M A M Roofy

Below are some of the current squads of the Football Clubs in Mawanella

Serendib Sports Club


United Sports Club


Youth Sports Club

Youth S.C Squad

Sunrise Sports Club


Jamaliya Sports Club


Sussex Sports Club


Carlton Sports Club


Everton Footbal Club


Riverside Sports Club


Tajmahal Sports Club


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