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The identification parade for Hijaz Hizbullah has been cancelled.

On submissions made to court by Wasantha Navarathna Bandara, PC appearing for Attorney at Law Hejaaz Hizbullah, that the proposed identification parade would be unjust, unfair and unlawful, the Magistrate vacated the order given on 18th June 2020 and cancelled the identification parade.

Hizbullah is being held under a Detention Order since mid-April over his alleged links to the Easter Sunday suicide bombers, but human rights activists and several other groups have expressed concerns about the lack of due process with regards to his detention.

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) in a statement issued last month said that by allowing warrant-less entry, search of premises and the arrest of persons, the Prevention of Terrorism Act violates basic due process guarantees under international law.

“This legal provision is one of many problematic provisions of the PTA. The ICJ reiterates it calls for the PTA to be repealed and replaced with a law that conforms with Sri Lanka’s international human rights obligations,” the ICJ added. 

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