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Watch: Children at Meth Sewa Foundation

Last updated on June 19, 2020

Situated at Hamdapangoda, Weherayaya, between Wellawaya and Thanamalwila, Meth Sewa Foundation is a Home for the mentally and physically handicapped home where children who cannot do any work and help themselves in their daily routine and children who do not have parents and who have ben abundant from their own kin and kin.

The foundation is situated in the drought stricken district of Moneragala of the Uva Province and of the Divisional Secretariat of Wellawaya.

This Home Specially with Needy children are is situated in Handapanagala which is 12 kilo miles away from Wellawaya and also 205 Kilo Meters away from Colombo.

This area is a drought stricken area and a rural area where elephants roam at night

The Foundation takes care of 83 children at the moment who are mentally and Physically Handicapped, four children are girls from the ages 01 years of age the rest are boys who are from 2 years. From the 83 children 52 children are unable to do their work. These children cannot do their own wok as these children are lifeless from hip downwards. They dirty themselves without their knowledge.

Child and women bureau of the Wellawaya Police Station visit to inspect the home every month. Moneragala child and women bureau, Uva Province Social Service Department, Wellawaya Divisional Secretariat, Base Hospital of Wellawaya , MOH Office, PHI Officers and mid wives also pay visits to the home for supervision, the Director indicated.

This Children’s home is in its infancy and to make this home a better place for these children. There are multiple needs to be fulfilled for the care home which has been donated by the Residential Director, his own Home.

The Meth Sewa Foundation is a registered organization under the Divisional Secretariat of Wellawaya and its registration number is We/V.O./27/2008.

It is a Non Profitable Institution for the Mentally and Physically and this home was established in the year 2012. It is also a Nation Council for Person with Disabilities Registration no : MSS/NSSPD/R/194 and the company limited by Guarantee Certificate of Incorporation G.A. 3299.

Visiting this place when travelling to the East through Wellawaya could give you the emotional realisation of the needy. The satisfaction of helping the fellow human being could be achieved by directly getting involved in it. However, you can make a financial contribution as well. The details are as below.

Name of Account

Meth Sewa Foundation

Account Number


Bank’s Swift Code


Name of Bank and Address

Bank of Ceylon

Wellawaya Branch,

Wellawaya , Sri Lanka

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